This project is no longer being supported by the original developer. Feel free to fork the project for future use but there will be no further updates here.

What is CraftLib?

CraftLib is a simple, easy to use Minecraft library written in C# (C-Sharp). It is used to perform functions for Minecraft Launchers.

CraftLib is a Minecraft library written in C# (C-Sharp), it supports multiple useful operations that pertain to the game Minecraft including:

- Full Login API (Supports Migrated Accounts)
- Java & Minecraft Verification
- Launching Minecraft

This library was built with speed and size in mind.

CraftLib Release Candidate

Release Candidate 0 has been pushed to the source and downloads sections. It includes most recent code and binaries. Tested stable and working. There are some features that still need to be implemented, but this is the basic working library for now.


Currently the biggest limitation is that Minecraft has to be started from a .minecraft directory. However the .minecraft directory can be anywhere on the user's system via GameProperties.CustomPath This is something we are aware of and it is being worked on.

Be sure to check out the Documentation, if you find any bugs report them on the Issue Tracker and suggest features on the Discussion page.

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